A Family Friendly Outdoor Living Room

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A beautiful outdoor living room by Joslyn from Simple Lovely

In our Style Challenge series, we challenge some of our favorite bloggers from around the web to surprise us with their ideas for creating a stylish and functional space using a single Home Depot product as a starting point. 

Joslyn Taylor from Simple Lovely showcases her family-friendly outdoor living room, a space that feels chic enough for summer entertaining and comfy enough for her two precious daughters! She shows us how she made the Hampton Bay Cibola Sectional Seating Set her own with playful accessories like a chalkboard! and luxe details.

Despite the fact that our family is happiest when we’re outside, we’ve largely neglected our covered back patio since moving into our house five years ago. It really is a perfect spot for any number of activities best enjoyed when accompanied by a little fresh air, and it’s fully visible from the row of floor-to-ceiling windows in our living room. Yet somehow transforming the patio into a truly lounge-worthy space always seemed to fall to the bottom of our to-do list, trumped by some other more pressing house project.

Hampton Bay Cibola Sectional Set featured in an outdoor living room

Enter Home Depot. When they asked me to participate in the Style Challenge, I dove right in, happy to finally have an excuse to pull the trigger on “Operation Loungify the Patio”. I knew I wanted the space to channel my earthy, casual (mildly hippie) Northern California childhood, but tempered with a few touches of glam to balance things out. I also wanted maximum cozy comfort — a spot where folks would want to tuck in for an entire afternoon. The Hampton Bay Cibola 6-Piece Sectional Patio Seating Set was a perfect jumping off point. It’s huge, perfect for lots of folks to lounge on, but not overwhelming. I also loved the neutral burnt orange, which would go well with the earthy accessories I was targeting.

Hampton Bay Cibola Sectional Seating Set featured in an outdoor living room

Hampton Bay Cibola Sectional Seating Set featured in an outdoor living room

To frame the space and make it feel like an actual room, I started by installing outdoor drapes between the patio and our pool. I also hung café lights and added an outdoor lantern to create soft glowing light. I hung a vintage mirror and antlers to further create a sense of bring traditionally indoor décor outside.

Then I brought in the texture. I loaded up the Cibola with various pillows, a sheepskin throw, and a couple of lightweight fringed blankets. I layered two outdoor rugs, a synthetic Kilim atop a faux sisal, as (even though it’s covered) the patio still has a tendency to be damp at times, so I avoided anything that wouldn’t withstand the elements. I placed a long wooden bench under our existing chalkboard, so the girlies could stand on something sturdy while they doodled. And for a touch of sparkle, in went a couple of gold garden stools plus some glass and nickel hurricane lanterns. As a final touch, I added some baskets filled with soft Turkish towels and an assortment of straw hats for a quick dip in the pool.

Hampton Bay Cibola Sectional Seating Set featured in an outdoor living room

Hampton Bay Cibola Sectional Seating Set featured in an outdoor living room

Now that the space is done, we have literally been living out there. The girls play, lounge, and read. We tuck in for our morning coffee and enjoy late afternoon snacks and drinks with friends. It’s literally our new favorite spot in the house.

Joslyn Taylor is the founder of Simple Lovely, a lifestyle blog that chronicles her love of design, fashion, art and food, and a founding partner of Tiny Dallas, which focuses on raising kids in a creative and mindful way She lives with her hubby and two girlies in Dallas. 

Style Challenge is a series of posts from guest bloggers who aim to bring you fresh inspiration and ideas for your home and garden using a single Home Depot product as a starting point. Hilary received the patio set from The Home Depot, but The Home Depot provided no other compensation. The opinions and ideas Hilary expressed are her own.

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