Inspired: 4 Patio Layout Ideas

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Inspired: 4 Patio Layout Ideas

Whether you call it a layout, blueprint, design, or even feng shui, we hear a lot of advice about the “flow” of a room. From the size, the lighting, the objective of the space – Are you watching TV? Relaxing around an outdoor firepit? Dining with friends? – the same details and principles of design that dictate your indoor space, apply to outdoor spaces, as well. Here are four easy patio layout ideas that make your outdoor space comfortable and functional.

Casual Chat

Get the group together or pull a chair away to flip through your favorite magazine. The Lynnfield Chat Set is great for a group dynamic. Create symmetry by placing two chairs opposite each other or round everybody up in a circle. The choice is yours!


The Pembry Dining Set is a sturdy, yet stylish dining table that will hold up to the elements. Invite all your neighbors to gather ’round for a delicious meal. And when it’s over, don’t forget to put your feet up.

Relaxed Feel

A sectional pretty much begs you to sit down, lay down and immediately spread out, doesn’t it? With that giant ottoman, the Mill Valley Sectional is like the best combination of a sofa and a bed, and you don’t have to mess with the sheets! Layer on the pillows to make a sectional even more welcoming. If it’s even possible, that is.

Conversational Vibe

Similar to the Casual Chat feel, the Pembry Conversation Set provides a focused area of your outdoor space to gather. Set up drinks and appetizers on the cocktail table and cuddle up with your sweetie on the loveseat. That is what loveseats are for, isn’t it?

Get more inspirational ideas and inspiration boards here on the Home Depot Blog. And shop our Outdoors Department for everything you need to make your patio a great place for relaxing and entertaining. 

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