11 Hot Bathroom Colors

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Whether you want to create a luxurious master bath or a comfortable and cozy guest bathroom, color plays a very important role in the atmosphere or feel of your bathroom. You always want to make sure your bathroom is comfortable and relaxing. Color in your bathroom can help you create that special retreat or escape to refresh and recharge. Take a look at these 11 ideas for bathroom colors.

Color is a very personal choice. When you start looking at colors for your bathroom or any room in your home, you really have to make sure that your choices make YOU happy and comfortable.  A quick look at the latest trends in bathroom colors is a great place to start.

Here are 11 hot colors for you to consider for your bathroom refresh:

01. Fading Sunset has subtle purple undertones that make this blue a great option to create a relaxing environment. White trim and cabinets will add to the soft and calming feel of Fading Sunset.

02. Maharaja is a bolder blue that has the crisp feel of navy blue but creates a light air to the bathroom. Maharaja is great paired with light golds and pale blues.

03. Aspire .05 creates an uplifting and cheerful mood in your space. Yellows and golds are often hard to get right on the walls; Aspire .05 is a very comfortable shade and an easy color to enjoy and brightens your room.  Accent with navy blue or a rich rustic orange to add a punch of drama. This color is from the YOLO Colorhouse collection of eco-friendly paints in our Eco Options line. It’s a zero-VOC paint and contains no other indoor air pollutants.

04. Coral Expression is a variation of one of the hottest colors of the year, pink!  Coral expression is a sophisticated, dusty pink that will add some glam to your bathroom.  Chrome and clear fixtures, mirrored accessories and a splash of white and black can really take enhance this dramatic color.

05. Wild Mushroom is a wonderfully natural hue that has a duel personality.  It has neutral qualities that allow it to be a rich, standalone color in your bathroom or works great as an accent for a white or cream bath.

06. Grain .07 will add a little bit of spice to your master bath. Grain .07 is a rich and elegant hue that can benefit by many different accent colors, but white trim and molding and black cabinets really make this color sing. This is another of our Eco Options paints from YOLO, with no VOCs.

07. Dream .04 is that clear, calm and classic blue. Dream .04 has just a touch of green and really brings that spa feel to the bathroom. This shade is great for small spaces and paired with crisp white you can’t go wrong. This is an earth-friendly, zero-VOC paint.

08. October Leaf, from Martha Stewart Living, is no longer available. Behr’s Antique Copper has a very similar burnished, vintage feel that can really set your bathroom apart from the rest of your home. Antique Copper has that comfortable feel but also adds an elegant depth to your walls. Pale golds and brushed brass accents fit comfortably with this hue.

09. Deepest Aqua brings that hot teal trend into your space, but with a classic twist.  Silver accessories and white bring it all together.  This shade works great with just a touch of black or chocolate in the room.

10. Shortbread, from Martha Stewart Living, is no longer available. Behr’s Shortbread Cookie has a similar feel. Does Shortbread = beige? Not quite. This neutral is more complex than your standard beige. Shortbread works wonderfully with natural stone and marble. This hue opens up your accent color options to cover just about anything you can pair with it.

11. Smokey Slate (pictured at top) brings a soft grayed green to your walls. The quintessential bathroom color, Smokey Slate is relaxing and uplifting all in one. Brushed nickel fixtures and modern cabinetry bring this modern but classic bathroom combination all together.

These are just the beginning of the wonderful bathroom colors you can choose. Take a look at our online Paint Department for everything you need for your next painting project.

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