10 Things Every Tailgating Rookie Needs

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10 Things  A Tailgate Rookie Needs

If you’ve ever seen a massive, logo-plastered tailgating RV wheel into the parking lot unloading smokers, tents, TVs and more, you know that tailgaters are a dedicated bunch. And we love them for it. But if you’re just getting started, we have the top 10 tailgating essentials to get the pre-game party started. Gather these 10 items (which happen to fit in the trunk of a sporty but small hatchback) and get going!

1. Folding chairs in bags

2. Pop-up canopy

3. Portable grill

A Brinkmann grill at a tailgate

4. Plates, cups and utensils

5. Trash bags

6. Sunscreen

7. Hand sanitizer

8. Clear storage container

9. Paper towels

10. Wheeled cooler

The Home Depot tailgating chair

You can find these and more on The Home Depot’s online Tailgating Essentials page. If you’re an experienced tailgater, check out our 10 essentials for the Varsity Tailgater, and if you want to take your tailgating experience to the ultimate level, you’ll want to read our 10 things you need to be an All-Star Tailgater.

What else would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments below.

ESPN’s College GameDay was built by The Home Depot, and now The Home Depot’s Facebook page has a College GameDay app. The app features tailgating DIY projects, including how-tos for a tailgate table, ladder golf and cornhole game. It also helps fans find great tailgating products at great prices.

For even more tailgating ideas and inspiration, follow the Apron blog’s Tailgating series. We’ll gear you up for game day with tips, like a sweet tote for tailgating essentials, and more awesome DIYs, like a custom flagpole for your tailgating camp. 

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