10 Things Every Tailgating All-Star Needs

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An all-star tailgating set-up

If tailgating were an Olympic sport — and, really, why isn’t it? — then the Tailgating All-Star is definitely taking home the gold. This pro is lounging in his outdoor couch, mister on in the summer months and portable heater kicking in the winter. The All-Star doesn’t just come with a grill, he comes with a five-star menu that includes rotisserie chicken and multiple sides. This is the guy who you definitely want to make friends with.

Here’s what the Tailgating All-Star is pulling in his trailer:

1. Generator — Whether you are powering the flat screen for the pre-game coverage or just cranking up some tunes, a quiet, lightweight generator will power up the party. We’re partial to the Ryobi 2200 Inverter Generator, which we took on a recent tailgate. It’s highly portable with its nifty suitcase-style handle, offers more power and, best of all, is extremely quiet. That makes it perfect for chatting with friends while you gear up for the stadium–without losing your voice for the game.

2. Turkey fryer — Crisping up a turkey is always a job for the great outdoors, which means it’s a great addition to an over-the-top grilling set-up.

3. Outdoor heaters — Instead of layering on three jackets, keep the guests toasty with a heater in the winter months.

4. Misting system — Early in the season, you’ll need to keep the crowd cool as well. A misting system lined around the top of your canopy? Yep, that’s an all-star move.

5. Portable fans — A fan plugged into your generator is an unexpected luxury.

6. A team flag — You’ve got to show your team pride … the bigger the flag, the better.

7. Outdoor furniture — A simple sectional or comfy, cushion-y patio chair brings a little bit of the man cave outdoors.

8. Team area rug — Mark your space with an unexpected touch: an outdoor rug.

9. Grill rotisserie — Slow-roasted chicken takes that regular tailgating menu to scrumptious new heights.

10. TVs — The best way to keep up with what’s happening inside the stadium is to tune in — even if you’re right outside. With a set-up that comfortable, your only issue will be getting motivated to head to your seats inside the stadium.

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