10 Things Every New Homeowner Needs Before Move-In

Article Posted By: Caroline Inge

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Let’s face it, not every homeowner is a DIY enthusiast. While The Home Depot loves the let’s-tackle-a-project-this-weekend mentality, we also love the guys who buy a house to live in it – not to live for it.

If you’re a new homeowner, you may not have the need for a wet saw or an air compressor, but there are a few handy essentials that anyone with a mortgage payment needs to have on hand. Here are the items we think you need before picking up your keys:

10 Things Every Homeowner Needs Before Move-In

1. A 6-foot step ladder — At some point you’re going to have to change a lightbulb. Do yourself a favor and don’t stand on that wobbly kitchen stool. Just get a ladder. The fiberglass step ladder linked here can support 375 pounds and is light enough to carry around the house at just 20 pounds.

2. At least two flashlights — You’ll be shocked at the number of dark nooks and crannies in a new house. Inevitably, you’ll have to head down into the basement for something. Keep one flashlight in your toolbox and one by your bedside table. When the electricity goes out you’ll avoid all the bumps and bruises you’ll get searching for the flashlight you left in the garage.

3. A basic tool kit — When moving into your house, you’ll have to hang pictures, tighten some loose ends (literally), and maybe even put together some furniture. No matter the size of your project, a basic tool kit will come in handy. You can’t beat the price of the 42-piece tool kit linked below, coming in at just under $10!

4. A good set of paintbrushes — You may not plan on painting the walls of your house, but at some point, you’ll probably have to touch up the walls, the kitchen cabinets or a piece of furniture. A good set of paint brushes (or even just one 2-inch brush) are worth the investment.

5. An electrical drill — You’ll probably have to tighten or unscrew something during your time in the new house — an electrical drill will be useful more times than you expect.

6. A garbage can — It’s easy to forget about the large garbage can you take to the street every few days, but you’ll definitely need one of these. Before you buy, be sure to check with your city — they may have a city-issued can or size restrictions.

7. A can of WD40 — Another one of those items that always seems to pull its weight in home maintenance.

8. A fire extinguisher — We hope you won’t need to use this one, but if nothing else but for peace of mind, have one in the kitchen just in case.

9. An extension cord or surge protector — It’s a sure bet that somewhere in your house you’ll want to plug something in and there won’t be a nearby electrical socket. Just go ahead and plan on needing an extension cord and save yourself an errand.

10. A roll of duct tape — It’s just one of those things that never ceases to come in handy!

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