10 Tailgating Essentials for the Varsity Tailgater

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10 Things Every Varsity Tailgater Needs

We’ve covered all the tailgating essentials you need if you’re a Rookie Tailgater. Here we offer up the tailgating must-haves for the seasoned tailgater looking to upgrade his or her gear. These are our top picks for the enthusiast looking to join the Varsity Tailgating team:

1. A larger grill — With a larger grill, you’ll be able to serve more food to your friends and family. Plus, depending on the size of your new grill, you’ll be able to cook all your hotdogs and hamburgers, plus maybe some grilled veggies, all at once. No more shifts.
2. A folding table — when an open tailgate no longer cuts it, consider adding a folding table to the mix to accomodate the amazing food spread you’ve planned!
3. Large storage tubs — Once you’ve accumulated all of your must-have tailgate supplies, organize and store everything in easy-to-transport storage totes. Label each box, outfit them with some storage accessories, and keep everything in the garage for those early Saturday games.
4. Rigid Jobsite Radio — When you mean business, you need a stereo system that means business too. The Rigid Jobsite Radio can take just about anything you throw at it, and we mean that literally.

Rigid Jobsite Stereo for tailgating

5. Pop-Up Utility Bin — The larger your tailgate setup, the more important it is to think through your trash can. Toro Utility Bins are made for yard cleanup, laundry, recycling, and trash, so they make the perfect addition to a Varsity tailgate.
6. Team banners — Take your tailgate to a new level with team banners.
7. Grilling accessories — Think roasters, grill plates, and grilling gear in your team’s colors. You just can’t go wrong with more toys for your grill, are we right?
8. Outdoor lighting — When daylight starts to fade, you certainly don’t want to be stuck in the dark. GorillaTorch flashlights and lanterns give off more light than your average flashlight and can mount onto just about anything.
9. Team Christmas tree — Just because it isn’t Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this festive sporting season. Between wreaths, trees, and ornaments, you’ll certainly find something that’ll make your team-loving heart sing.
10. Tailgating games — Whether you want to go the DIY route, or you’re in the mood to buy a pre-made cornhole toss with your team’s logo, we’ve got you covered. (Psst — don’t forget to check out our College GameDay Facebook app for easy how-tos for the football table and cornhole toss you see below!)

Tailgating Games for your weekend setup

Check out our tailgating essentials for the ultimate tailgater– the Tailgating All-Star.

ESPN’s College GameDay was built by The Home Depot, and now The Home Depot’s Facebook page has a College GameDay app. The app features tailgating DIY projects, including how-tos for a tailgate table, ladder golf and  cornhole game. It also helps fans find great tailgating products at great prices.

For even more tailgating ideas and inspiration, follow The Apron blog’s two-week Tailgating series. We’ll gear you up for game day with tips, like a sweet tote for tailgating gear, and more awesome DIYs, like a homemade PVC flag pole for your tailgating camp 

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